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Do you guarantee the lowest price?
Posted by Jamie M. on 19 November 2014 10:10 PM

The short answer is "no".  The long answer is that we do everything we can to offer competitive and fair pricing across the board.  We do not claim to be a low-priced leader and companies who aim to be, in our opinion, will not be around for very long given the rising costs of operating a business.  Our focus is to offer the products we carry at a fair price without sacrificing or compromising our ability to service our customers at high level so that we can limit inconveniences, if and when they arise.

Low price leaders try to survive on "bulk selling", not leaving enough room for innovation, promotional programs, and customer/vendor relationships.  They do this with blatant disregard for the brand's quality as they have no long term goal but to make a quick profit off of really thin margins.

Low prices are great if and when transactions are occur flawlessly between all parties involved.  That is the main difference between shopping at a brick and mortar store and an online retailer.  Shopping at a retail store, you walk in, personally pick the product up, pay, and take it home.  Not too much can go wrong there unless what you bought is found to be defective once you arrived home.

Most commonly, internet shoppers search for the lowest priced retailer they can find for the product they want.  So they find one they've never conducted business with before, but goes ahead and commits to a purchase anyway.  You see "In-Stock", place your order, and await your package.  Meanwhile, a dozen things happen between the time you placed the order and when you actually receive it, posing a variety of issues that may arise along the way.  Issues such as:

  • What is really in stock or will they just then be ordering it in order to fulfill your order?
  • What if what they send you is expired, the wrong product, the wrong size, the wrong flavor, the wrong X?
  • Waht if they charge you, but never ship the product out?
  • What if the package they send you gets lost?
  • What if the package they send you gets damaged?
  • What if the product freezes during transit due to the weather?
  • What if someone steals the package from your mailbox before you get home?
  • What if your order is delivered to the wrong address?
  • What if after any of the above scenarios, you can't get a hold of the seller due to inferior customer service?
  • What if you have to contest the charge on your credit card due to non-delivery?
  • What if you are out of the product and desperately need it, forcing you to get in your car and purchase it at full retail at a local retailer while you still are working to resolve the issue you have with the online retailer?

And the bullet points go on and on.  Admittedly, some are not the online retailer's fault.  But as you can see, a lot can happen to your order.  And what we can tell you is that if an online retailer, or any business for that matter, did not calculate the risks of pricing their products too low, they will not be able to survive the type of customer service issues that they may face - even on limited occassion.  

The bottom line is, online companies come and go.  Our company was established in 1997 and the website itself was launched in 2001.  In internet years, that is a lifetime and speaks for itself!  

Shop wisely!

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